EPA Lawatan – Kg. Sinaran Baru, Senai (Pusat Cendawan)

Today really excited and happy,
Coz all of us went lawatan lol!
We went to the Mushroom Biotech Centre at Senai,
Aim to know more about how Biotech mushroom grew.
A knowledge that less people know. I like it!
It was such a small factory,
But it can produce plenty of biotech mushroom.
I like the fried mushroom, so delicious!
Everybody like haven’t eat before. ==
Actually I also haven’t taste it before. LOL!
We also picked jambu from the tree,
The jambu was small and sour,
But it had a nice taste!
Such a nice short trip for me and everyone,
Learnt a lot!

[Crazy photos, share with you all!]


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